With Wings Outstretched

With Wings Outstretched


my name is: Jim G.

i'm sharing: A woodcarving. It is a Canadian goose with wings outstretched. This is a bird I would see often when I was growing up in South Dakota, and I tried to capture the details of its feathers and its distinct color pattern.

this was inspired by: Saint Ginés, a painted wood statue by Luisa Roldán, in the Getty Museum. The first time I saw the statue, I could hardly believe that it was carved from wood. It is amazing and lifelike, right down to the veins showing under the skin on the hands and feet. And the clothing is so ornate and detailed. It is one of the first things I want to show people when we go to the Getty Center. I remember seeing a special exhibition about this statue that explained how it was created. As a woodworker, this was very interesting to me and it made me appreciate Saint Ginés even more.

to me, inspiration is: Found in things that other people might find mundane. The grain of a piece of wood can be very inspiring to me. My grandchildren say I have never found a piece of wood that I didn’t like!