Architecture in Light


my name is: Sunil Pereira

i'm sharing: Photos of the Getty Museum Architecture in Light

this was inspired by: Natural lighting of The Getty Center’s most important architectural elements—Richard Meier’s design of the glass exterior surfaces and the angles of the building by allowing the brilliant Southern California sunshine to illuminate its surface and interiors. This Architecture in Light is a work of art.

to me, inspiration is: Inspiration is soul food. It is communicating a story through my captures, in a way that is audible to people. I'm inspired to create. To make something extraordinary out of the ordinary. Many people believe that in order to create, inspiration needs to come from a wholly unique idea; something no one has ever thought of before. However, when I look at the creators of the most amazing art, photography, inventions and ideas, I find the opposite. I get inspired and add my flavor, my touch and create art as I would see it. It is a deeply personal approach that is both soulful and discerning.

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