As president of the Getty Trust, I’m often asked to explain what the Getty is. Are we a museum? A library? A publisher? A conservation center? Yes—we are all this, and more. We like to think of the Getty as a living laboratory for the arts, one that invites you to visit and take part. Fueled by collaboration across our four programs, we conserve, study, and share art and cultural heritage not only in L.A., but also around the world and online.

I’d like to share a snapshot of just a few of the people, places, and ideas we were fortunate to support in 2014.


You might know that the Getty welcomes a large number of visitors, almost 1.8 million this year. You might not know that we also welcome thousands of students, interns, and scholars behind the scenes, too. Notably this year, we:

  • Expanded the Getty Museum school-visit program, welcoming some 140,000 students from over 2,100 schools.
  • Registered over 900 new researchers at the Getty Research Institute library, bringing the total to more than 10,700.
  • Brought well over 200 scholars and interns to the Getty through Getty Foundation grants.

2014 at the Getty infographic / 151,000 scholars and students


International collaboration is a critical part of the Getty’s work, and one that most visitors are surprised to learn about. Did you know that the Getty has worked on all seven continents—including Antarctica—over its 60-year history? This year our grants, conservation projects, and scholarly collaborations extended to 48 countries. The Getty Conservation Institute alone was active with field, training, and scientific work in 18 countries, from China to South Africa.

2014 at the Getty infographic / 48 countries around the world


As a lab for the arts, the Getty is a forum to create, debate, and share new ideas. Through our events, exhibitions, books, research resources, website, and social media, we strive to share research and ideas with the widest possible audience. We took an exciting step toward this goal in 2014 with the launch of Getty Publications’ Virtual Library, which offers 277 books for free download, and the release of two of the Getty Research Institute’s major art databases in a freely reusable format.

2014 at the Getty infographic / Open Content and Virtual Library downloads

On behalf of the entire Getty community, I offer our sincere thanks for your support and interest in our work. I’d love to hear from you; if the Getty touched your life this year, please share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook.