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To say that Swiss-born artist, art historian, and curator Harald Szeemann was an obsessive collector might be putting it mildly. Szeemann’s personal archive and research library, which he referred to as the “Museum of Obsessions,” spans over five decades and amounts to thousands of linear feet. In this episode, we hear from the Getty Research Institute’s Glenn Phillips, Doris Chon, and Pietro Rigolo about the work and archive of this influential curator.

Black-and-white photograph of a building entirely wrapped in fabric with a crowd of people outside.

Wrapped Kunsthalle, Bern, Switzerland, 1967–68, Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Part of 12 Environments: 50 Years of the Kunsthalle Bern, 1968. The building was wrapped from July 18–25, 1968. The Getty Research Institute, 2011.M.30. Photo: Balthasar Burkhard. © Christo

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GLENN PHILLIPS:  There were things everywhere. Everywhere you looked. Every surface. Books, paper...

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