Once a year the Outdoor Classical Theater at the Getty Villa comes alive with the performance of an ancient tragedy or comedy. Over months, some of the world’s finest theater companies investigate a classical play’s meaning and reimagine the story both for the 21st century and for this setting.

The theater at the Villa is unlike any other performance space in L.A. Modeled after ancient Greek theaters—which at their largest held tens of thousands—its 500 seats feel powerfully intimate. We are close not only to the performers, but through their words to the ancient world itself. As the sun sets over the ocean, guests dine outdoors, browse the galleries, wander the gardens, and find their places overlooking the black marble stage. And then, suddenly, quiet falls and an actor’s powerful voice rings out. It is a magical moment.


This year’s production is Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles, a new adaptation by Luis Alfaro based on Euripides’ Medea. It premieres September 10, 2015.