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A Revolution in Reading: Finding Getty Publications on Google

Sample of a Getty Publications title on Google Books: The Aztec Pantheon and the Art of Empire

In the entire 500-year history of the printed book, it is difficult to imagine a time of more innovation and change than now. Just a few short years ago, readers had the simple choice of hardback or paperback when they… More»

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Geoff Dyer Is Not a Bore

Geoff Dyer. Photo: Jason Oddy

When British author Geoff Dyer came to speak at Zócalo Public Square at the Getty Museum, he was prepared to be a bore. “It’s going to be the classic definition,” he said, “the bore, the person who lectures you about… More»

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Leonardo da Vinci, Anatomist

From the new book: Leonardo's exploded view of the muscles and tendons of the soles of the foot, with anatomical notes in English

Leonardo da Vinci worked for 25 years on a complete guide to the human form that would have transformed the study of anatomy in Europe. But the project was never finished and the notes were all but lost for centuries… More»

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Capturing Motherhood, In 50 Words or Less

Young Bourgeois Mother, Cologne, August Sander, 1926. © J. Paul Getty Trust
Young Bourgeois Mother, Cologne, August Sander, 1926. © J. Paul Getty Trust

How do you sum up motherhood in a picture or a phrase? There are over 400 elegant attempts in The Art of Motherhood, a new book from Getty Publications that pairs paintings and sculptures with words from authors as diverse… More»

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Visit Us at the L.A. Times Festival of Books

Come see us at booth #515

We’re looking forward to The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this weekend on UCLA’s campus. The largest public literary festival in North America, the two-day free event is expected to draw more than 130,000 people. Anchored by bookseller booths and… More»

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    • A List of Shameful Conditions & Operations

      To live alone.
      To arrive at a social gathering alone. (Desired by no one?)
      To go outside in clothing not suited to the weather.
      To say something that can be traced to someone else.
      To have nowhere to go Saturday night.
      To have no interest in Jacques Lacan.
      To have no friend with a summer cottage.
      To have no family.
      To be dirty, to smell.
      To have no interest in people.
      To be gossiped about.
      To be sexually betrayed.
      To be ignorant of current popular music.
      To be disloyal to a friend.
      To gossip.
      To grow fat.
      To become middle-aged.
      To lose one’s beauty.
      To be enraged.
      To be deserted by a husband or lover.
      To be inordinately ambitious.
      To have more money than your friends.
      To have less money than your friends.
      To be different from your neighbors.
      To not understand what is said to you. 
      To not recognize someone.
      To forget a name.
      To lose one’s powers.
      To go down in the world.
      To be bored with one’s friends.
      To be thought of as superior to what one knows oneself to be.
      To discover what one thought was common knowledge about oneself is not.
      To discover that closely guarded information about oneself is common knowledge.
      To have less knowledge than one’s students.

      Yvonne Rainer


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