This summer Matt Mondanile, guitarist for Real Estate and solo project Ducktails, hosted Friday Flights at the Getty, where he played songs from his recently released album St. Catherine. Reminiscent of a sun-soaked afternoon daydream, St. Catherine’s groovy melodies refigure the narratives of artworks in our collection, creating a new and unexpected art experience.

1. Haters to the Left

The Song: “Killin’ the Vibe”
The Mood: Insert dramatic eye roll
The Art: Sass masters throwing shade at their haters

Don’t go killin, killin the vibe
I can’t take your lame style
Can’t you just sit a while
And try your hardest to smile

Bye, Felicia

Madonna and Child / Fungai

Madonna and Child with Two Hermit Saints (detail), early 1480s, Bernardino Fungai

I Think They’re Making Fun of Our Friendship Turbans

Double Portrait / Sweerts

Double Portrait (detail), about 1660–62, Michael Sweerts

The Plastics—“On Wednesdays, We Wear Gold Leaf”

2. Somewhere Else

The Song: “Headbanging in the Mirror”
The Mood: Dazed and Distracted
The Art: People who are completely zoned out

Headbanging in the mirror
Wish I could see so much clearer
Just let me come down from this speedy
Afternoon interior dream

Did I Forget to Lock My Door This Morning?

Charles-Francois Pinceloup de la Grange / Perronneau

Charles-François Pinceloup de la Grange (detail), 1747, Jean-Baptiste Perronneau

Literally Stuck in the Clouds

Saint Francis / Rubens

The Miracles of Saint Francis of Paola (detail), about 1627–28, Peter Paul Rubens

Pretending to Listen

After / Hogarth

After (detail), 1730–31, William Hogarth

3. Helpless Romantic

The Song: “Surreal Exposure”
The Mood: A high school musical comedy, where the nerd tries to impress the cheerleader
The Art: Unrequited love

Surreal exposure when you come over
It’s crimson and clover
Keep my composure

The One (Who’s Way Out of Your League)

Portrait of Leonilla / Winterhalter

Portrait of Leonilla, Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn (detail), 1843, Franz-Xaver Winterhalter

Trying to Look Casual

Portrait of James Christie / Gainsborough

Portrait of James Christie (detail), 1778, Thomas Gainsborough

The Wingman

Rinaldo and the Mirror Shield / Maffei

Rinaldo and the Mirror Shield (detail), Francesco Maffei