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I'm a special collections cataloger at the Getty Research Institute (GRI) and an art historian specializing in exhibition history. I moved from Italy to Los Angeles six months ago to join the team cataloging the Harald Szeemann papers at the GRI. So far, so good!

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Treasures from the Vault: Harald Szeemann, From Vision to Nail

Harald Szeemann during the installation of documenta 5 in Kassel, Germany, 1972 / Balthasar Burkhard
Harald Szeemann during the installation of documenta 5 in Kassel, Germany, 1972. Photo by Balthasar Burkhard. The Getty Research Institute, Harald Szeemann papers, 1892–2010

A five-person team at the Research Institute has finished cataloging Harald Szeemann’s monumental Project Files. More»

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      September, the month to harvest grapes, isn’t just for the modern Virgo.

      Libras and Scorpios are in on the labors of plowing and sowing fun for the month. Since the Middle Ages the zodiac symbols have shifted with changes in the months of the calendar. 

      Zodiacal Sign of Virgo, about 1170s, Unknown. German, Hildesheim. J. Paul Getty Museum.
      Woman Harvesting Grapes; Zodiacal Sign of a Libra
      A Man Treading Grapes; Zodiacal Sign of Libra, early 1460s, Workshop of Willem Vrelant. J. Paul Getty Museum.
      Plowing and Sowing; Zodiacal Sign of Scorpio, 1510-1520, Workshop of Master of James IV of Scotland. J. Paul Getty Museum.


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