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I'm a special collections cataloger at the Getty Research Institute (GRI) and an art historian specializing in exhibition history. I moved from Italy to Los Angeles six months ago to join the team cataloging the Harald Szeemann papers at the GRI. So far, so good!

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Treasures from the Vault: Harald Szeemann, From Vision to Nail

Harald Szeemann during the installation of documenta 5 in Kassel, Germany, 1972 / Balthasar Burkhard
Harald Szeemann during the installation of documenta 5 in Kassel, Germany, 1972. Photo by Balthasar Burkhard. The Getty Research Institute, Harald Szeemann papers, 1892–2010

A five-person team at the Research Institute has finished cataloging Harald Szeemann’s monumental Project Files. More»

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      What can you hear at the museum?

      Artist Elana Mann creates participatory sonic experiences and invites you to listen in. More on the Iris.

      • How do sounds change depending on your body position, your direction, your eyes open or closed, or the position of the histophone? 
      • Can you imagine sounds coming from the art, architecture, and gardens?
      • If a sculpture could speak, what would it say? 
      • What are sounds you can make with your own body? 
      • Can you hear the tectonic plates shifting underneath your feet? 
      • How are natural and man-made sounds mixing and blending in this environment? 

      A list of the sounds that have reverberated through my body, 2013, Elana Mann. Cut photographs on paper. 


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