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If you haven’t used the Portal before, it’s a free and open virtual art history library with 108,000 digitized art history titles from 24 international institutions¬†accessible from anywhere in the world!

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Library book move and paging delays

Beginning January 22, the Research Library will be moving 225,000 books from GRI (STORAGE) to our off-site location (LIBRARY ANNEX). The move will take approximately three weeks, during which time the paging of books from both locations may be delayed by a day or two.

Once the move is complete, paging times will remain as is, with 10:00 a.m. being the cut-off time for paging materials from the Library Annex in order to receive them the same day.

As always, new material is shelved in the New Books area on L2 for two months and can also be searched in Primo by choosing the drop-down option called New Books:

Friday, January 19: Moth treatment scheduled in the Research Library

A moth treatment has been scheduled for this Friday, January 19, beginning at 9:00 p.m.

In preparation, please remove any items from the floor in your work area and place them on your desk, counter spaces, or shelves prior to the treatment. You do not need to worry about chairs, chair mats, or trash cans.

If you have food items stored in your workspace, you should remove them prior to the treatment. If you are unable to do this, you may consider discarding these items when you return.

The library will reopen on Saturday, January 20, but boxes should not be placed back on the floor until after the floor is vacuumed on Sunday.