New Acquisitions: 20th century Italian architecture periodicals

Reference librarians at the Research Library wear many hats. For me, one of the most enjoyable duties of the past year has been working in tandem with Maristella Casciato, the Getty Research Institute’s senior curator for architectural collections, to identify gaps in the library’s architectural holdings.

The library’s collections were originally formed through the acquisition of personal libraries of important scholars such as Ulrich Middeldorf, Erwin Panofsky, and Nikolaus Pevsner, among others. While this has provided a solid foundation upon which to build, there will always be areas that need to be filled in either because we didn’t have the opportunity to acquire them earlier or because their historical importance was not immediately clear.

Recently, one of the areas we are strengthening is 20th century Italian architectural periodical holdings. While this is an ongoing process, we have made significant progress through both piecemeal purchasing and the acquisition of collections. We hope our recently expanded holdings of the following titles will allow for a more comprehensive research experience.

L’Architettura (Milano)

Le Arti (Milano)

Casabella (Milano)

Casabella continuità (Milano)

Comunità (Milano)

Controspazio (Bari)

Domus (Milano)

Inpiù (Milano)

Marcatrè (Genova/Milano)

Quaderni di architettura (Roma)

-Aimee Lind, Reference Librarian

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